Dmarie’s Apparel & Accessories

Dmarie’s is also the label for my personal designs of doggie clothing, accessories, and gifts.

Doggie apparel has seasonal styles of glam, weather, play, leisure and active wear suited for any little dog occasion…. Be it, a day at the beach, on the water, birthday pawty, holiday or social events, romps and playtime activities to name a few.  Find a fun or fancy outfit & have your pooch show your taste for flare and match the fashion in You  J  

My Accessories for Dogs, Owners & Pet Lovers include:  Bowties, Scarves, Totes, Aprons and other fun items.  

I also have covertures:  Blankets & Slumber pouches are the added extras that make your little dog’s daily life more comfortable.                                  

Dmarie’s Apparel & Accessories make great gift options for friends and family. 

You can contact Danita at Dmarie’s if you have any questions regarding my Doggie Apparel & Accessories or about wholesale purchasing.